2nd frost in three days


This morning Everything was white. The temperature here was 32. As the sun is coming up I can tell today will be one beautiful day. I expect it will finally be dry enough to pull some plastic.

Some of the tomatoes in the greenhouse are desperate to be in the field. Perhaps today can be a major step in getting them moving that way.

Every day the house gets closer to being filled with plants. The artichokes are almost 6 inches tall now. It will be neat to see how they do this summer.

We thought we had all of the tractors ready for hard work this spring only to find out the D21 has a bad injection pump. Hopefully it will be repaired and put back together this week. Having one less tractor is a big handicap.

In two weeks we are getting our new raspberry and strawberry plants. I hope to have the large greenhouse up by then. We have been have a problem getting the aluminum fixturing pieces to hold the plastic in place. We needed the dies released for our usage, but the elderly gentleman we purchased them from had yet to fax the release on Friday. He did call yesterday saying it has been done now. We shall see today. It will take two weeks to get the extrusions from the time of order. It will be cutting things pretty close. I am sure we will get it done though.

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