Post Apples Farm has been in operation over 100 years. The farm is now run by the fourth and fifth generations. Today the farm has expanded the amount of produce it raises, including more fruits like blueberries and peaches. The main route to distribute their produce is through their CSA. 2019 is the 10th year they have been operating the CSA. The first year of the CSA there were only three membership options, a half share, a full share, and a double share. After learning that this was more produce than anyone wanted to deal with, they decided to change the membership options. They added the quarter share, got rid of the double share, and in 2013 they even added an eighth share. Each year the memberships began to grow. The first year started with only 69 members and just two years later that number was way over 300, 373 to be exact. But after that year memberships began to slowly drop until 2017 when memberships almost stopped coming in all together. And then 2018 had even less members. They learned some reasons members were not returning, there was too much produce or it was too dirty (Those were the main reasons). But they have worked on those issues and try to make the CSA a good experience for all. In 2019 they have added even another memberships option, “Have It Your Way” and they are very excited to have another option for you. Maybe this will be a good match for you.