All Ahead Stop


Even though it has frosted the past two nights the plants in the houses are growing ever bigger. I had expected to spread lime last week, but now it is certain none will be available until next week. So we will have to wait. I did have some bags and they have been spread on a quarter acre piece.

There are over 100 flats of everything from beets to tomatoes that are ready for the field. It appears the next few days will be good so I expect plastic can be pulled and some of the cold hardy items can be planted. The Tomatoes need to be in a house. Perhaps one can be erected this week. The goal is to have tomatoes ready before the fourth of July.

Enough corn for 2/3 of an acre is ready to plant. I think it will be put in and clear plastic will be laid over it. Also another planting of corn will be made this week under plastic. We shall see what success can be had this year for early corn.

The shortage of lime really has brought the majority of the field work to a halt. Thankfully the greenhouses help a great deal to keep movement even when outdoor activity has to be limited.

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