Peas are in the ground!

The day before yesterday, I plowed an acre of ground. It was odd to be plowing with snow still on the edges of the field.

Non-the-less, the soil was perfect. Yesterday 10 pounds of peas were planted. Five of regular and five of Sugar Sprint, a snap pea. George has been hard at work planting many cold hardy varieties and long greenhouse retention vegetables. It appears we will be ready to put plants in the fields the second conditions will permit.

Asparagus has been fertilized. The large plow tractor will be ready to use by Monday. Hopefully the corn that still needs to be harvested will be off from the two fields sometime next week. Then we will be able to do whatever needs to be done in a timely fashion.

Planting in progress!

Yesterday I went down to the warehouse to see how the planting was coming. The items planted this week are all up except for the Artichokes. They seem to be quite slow.
So far there are tomatoes 1″ high. Lettuce is at various heights. The cole crops are peeking through.
I expect by the time we can really get onto the fields we will have plants ready. The big thing is to make sure nothing freezes after it is out into the field. Last year that was a problem. I expect we will not have frost this year. Typically we do not see the same pattern two times in a row. The lake is completely frozen over. This will moderate things considerably.
Next week we will be traveling to the Lancaster area to pickup plastic. This will allow us to finish the large greenhouse. It should be a great help in getting many items earlier than we could otherwise expect.
Stay tuned updates will be more frequent.