What does CSA stand for?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

What are the risks to joining the CSA?

There can be risks but they can be different every year. One risk could be that we lose a crop and you don’t get as much variety in your share.

Which size share is best for me?

It depends on how many people are in your family and how much you love to eat vegetables. An 1/8 share can be good to 2 – 4 people. A 1/4 share is good for 4 – 6 people. A 1/2 share is for 6 – 8 people and a full share is for anything more than that. Now if you really like veggies and there are only 2 of you, you can always get a 1/4 share.

How much produce will I get each week?

An 1/8 share will get 6 – 8 items, a 1/4 share will get 10 – 12 items. The half share gets 10 – 12 items but double the amount of the 1/4 share and the full share gets 10 – 12 items double of the 1/2 share.

Where do you deliver?

We have multiple pick up locations stretching from Fairview, PA to Lakewood, NY. We always have a pick up point here at the farm.

Can I get this delivered to my house?

Yes you can. Just fill out the home delivery form and send the extra fee. That fee covers the entire season.

What days do you deliver?

We deliver every Thursday for the season. Except on Sunday’s we deliver to the Findley Lake United Methodist Church.

How many weeks will I get produce?

It is around 22 weeks. We start about the 3rd week of June and end the week before Thanksgiving.

Can I make payments?

Yes you can. On the membership form there are 2 different payment options. Just pick which one works best for you. If either of those still won’t work for you, contact Ana and she will work with you.

Can I work for my membership?

Yes you can. There is an option on the membership form to work off the whole share. Once you choose this and send in the form Ana will email you a receipt with more information about working.

What if I don’t finish my volunteer hours?

We will bill you for your unworked hours.

Is there enough variety to make it worthwhile?

Yes, we raise over 100 different vegetables with multiple varieties.

What if I don’t like a certain veggie or am allergic?

On each membership form there is a Do Not Like list. You can mark everything you don’t want or are allergic to and we won’t put in your share.

Are you organic?

We are a low input farm, which means we only spray when it is necessary. We encourage you to do your research about organic farming, it may not be what you think it is.