Post Farm started with Charles Post in 1890. He began the farm with beans, red raspberries, apples, and grapes. His son Archie helped with the farm from a very young age and as he grew older he took over the farm and added cabbage and chickens. In 1943 the farm became A.G. Post and Son with Archie’s son Howard. Then in 1956 the farm had another name change, A.G. Post and Sons. Now it was Archie with sons Howard and Rusty. They started farming potatoes and oats and still had all the apples. In 1994 Howard’s son Gordon and Rusty became partners and changed the name again to Post Apple Scientific. At that time it was mostly apples which where distributed to schools for lunches. In 2010 the CSA started and Gordon’s Children, Archie and Anastasia started helping out more with the farm. Archie does most of the mechanical work and Anastasia manages the CSA.