Pick Your Own

We have the option for you to come and pick your own apples. Apples aren’t ready to be picked until September. If there is a certain variety you want to pick and aren’t sure if they are ready, give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have. We do provide bags to pick your apples into so you don’t have to bring your laundry baskets.

We also have pick your own black currants and sometimes we allow you to pick your own vegetables. But please call first if you want to pick your own vegetables.


Cortland – great for pies, sauce, and eating

Fuji – great for eating

Ginger Gold – great for eating and sauce

Golden Delicious – great for apple butter and pies

Honey Crisp – excellent for eating, pies, and sauce

Ida Red – great for baking

Jona Gold – great for eating

MacIntosh – great for eating and baking

Mutsu- great for eating

Northern Spies – great for eating

Red Delicious – great for baking

Rome – great for sauce

Shizuka – great for eating

Sun Crisp – This is a sour apple