Spring Has Sprung +


It has been a long time since I posted anything. Time has been spent planting a large number of items. Tomatoes are ready for the field. Peas are up and the second planting has been made. Cold resistant corn has been planted outside and in the greenhouse. The four varieties in the house are already up. Cabbage and other cole crops are waiting for the weather to stabilize so they can be put out to harden before we get into the field with them. Everyday more items are being planted.
The largest problem with this time of year is determining when the conditions will be consistent enough to put crops into the field. I do expect though to have something in the field by this time next week. The temperature last night dipped to 31 degrees. So we are still in an iffy time of year.
Apples are out with 1″ of new growth. They have been quick to get going this year. I hope this does not mean there is a grave danger of crop destruction again this year. Actually apples can withstand 20 degrees currently with the bud cluster being so tight, but as the days go on the resistance to cold will diminish to the point where 28 degrees will cause damage. So if there is going to be cold now is the time for it, not in late May like last year. So far it looks like it will be a great year.