Summer is here


It has been a long time since I posted anything. The last one I wrote got lost because the site logged me out, but still showed the page. I finished what I wanted to say and hit post, poof , everything was gone. I had to go out to the fields and have not been back until today. Thousands of plants have been transplanted at this point. I believe George said we have planted over 700 flats of vegetables so far. It is so many I can feel it. The past two weeks have been sunlight to after dark. It is odd eating supper after ten at night.

To date every type of vegetable has been planted. Corn has been planted five times. The first planting was lost to frost, but the rest are very healthy. The process of planting corn will be a weekly adventure until the end of July so we will have corn once it starts until the first hard frost.

Certain vegetables like beans will be planted several times throughout the summer so that there can be a consistent supply once they begin. Lettuce has been planted now, three times. Tomatoes twice with the last planting to be made in a few days. They will be put into the greenhouse so that there will be tomatoes until November. At least this is the hope.

Day neutral strawberries have been planted. They will start producing berries later in the summer and continue until they are frosted out. They have been planted into the greenhouse to extend the season. Raspberries are planted. They should have a limited number of berries before the season is done. Apples experienced a frost again this year. That makes three in a row. So much for ‘global warming’. Unlike last year there are enough on the trees to supply everyone well this fall. The only sad thing is the Ginger Golds, were completely lost. The regular Golden’s have a good crop. We will just have to wait longer to get them though.

Because spring was so tough, certain things will be a little later beginning, but it still should be a great year. Thankfully there has not been too much rain like last year. If things continue this way the quality of everything will be great. All of the drip irrigation has been connected as we have been planting. It is a wonderful thing to have a dry plant with warm moist roots, getting moisture just as it is needed.

Finally, enjoy the warm weather. We have been. Also enjoy the adventure of many different vegetables.

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