Week 21 Letter 2018


Tuesday, November 13, 2018T

CSA Members

Hello Member,

It appears the season is ending none-to-soon. 18 inches of snow Saturday morning last crashed down upon us. From 5am when there was about 1.5 inches until 6:30am another 10 inches had already fallen. Wet and heavy, it was. Now three days later, there is still six inches of lying in the fields. Monday was supposed to hit 44°F. The weather station indicates only 39°F was reached and open sunlight nonexistent.

No direct sun or warm temperatures equals no real snow melt. One thing is for sure. Weather always wins. Either work with it or fail spectacularly.

Currently there are still apples on the trees. The new garlic sets to replace the failed garlic crop this season, sits in the warehouse waiting to be planted. Garlic should not be planted until a killing frost occurs. It wasn’t until Saturday night or early Sunday morning that this imperative was met. Now how does one get a field dry enough to plow, lay plastic, and plant? It appears there will not be high enough temperatures for the next ten days to accomplish this goal. Sometimes you can’t win for loosing. We will get the garlic planted. I am just not sure how or when.

After the unsettling news, I have some great news. You are getting cider to finish off the season. Having apples to press is certainly no big deal. There is only one caveat. This cider will be considered raw. While I have installed a UV unit to help destroy unwanted organisms from turning the cider, there is a concern it will not be an end-all for preserving the cider. Therefore, if you are immuno-compromised, perhaps you do not want to drink it. I will say though our apples are hand picked and washed before squeezing. I am positive this cider will not last like the previous cider provided to you. If you cannot drink it all right away, freeze some of it. We do that every year. It is a great way to enjoy cider year around.

Membership forms are once again in your bags this final week. Please note there is a discount when you join before the end of the year. We receive an extra discount when purchasing supplies before the end of December. As a thank you more than 80% of that discount is passed on to you the member.

Also this season will feature a new option you can try out. It is called, The Have It Your Way membership. It is a little more expensive, but it will allow you to get exactly what you want of the items available each week. Every Monday or before an email will be sent to these members indicating what is available the coming week. Each member will be allowed to order exactly what they want of the available produce for the week. An example would be someone loves salads and only wants lettuce and cucumbers. That will be possible with this membership. When tomatoes come in. It will be possible to get the entire delivery as tomatoes so canning or other processing can 

be done all in one week. If regular members are getting say 7 items, this member can make all seven items the same thing. In other words 7 times 

the regular amount. Since this is the first time offering this option, it will be limited to 50 families or individuals. 

It will be necessary for the member to return their custom list before noon on Wednesday. This will allow us time to ensure enough of each product has been harvested. If no response has been received it will be assumed the member wants all of the items that will be given to the normal membership for that week.

Our hope is this will help folks to tailor the membership to their own personal needs. The other hope is to help folks not feel overwhelmed by things they have never seen.

This weeks offering is large. It is the end of the season. We have a lot of items that will keep a very long time. So we are sharing them with you our devoted members. Don’t panic. Even if potatoes begin to sprout. Just remove the sprouts, peel the potato and use in. You will not suffer and ill effects. Only if you were to eat the sprouts would there be difficulties. A cool dark spot is best for both the regular and sweet potatoes. Extra apples should be refrigerated unless you have a place in the mid-thirties to forty degrees. Winter squash likes 50-60 degrees.

In the 1/8 share bags this week there are, Brussels Sprouts, Leek, O’Henry Sweet Potatoes, Red Maria Potatoes, Red Rome Apples, Winter Squash, Spaghetti and Butternut, Curled Kale, Jalapeño hot peppers, perhaps Jumbo stuff peppers (this is iffy), and Cider . The other share sizes have Papa Cacho Fingerling Potatoes, Onion, Mursaki Sweet Potatoes, Dino Kale, and Idared Apples. 

Thanks to all of the individuals who have come and helped us with a great deal of work this season. It has been very much appreciated.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Happy New Year. We very much look forward to working for you next season.

Gordon Post & The Crew at Post Apples CSA

Here is the list of extras still available. Apples: Ginger Gold, Suncrisp $6.00/ 8qt. Basket

             Jona Gold, Macintosh   7.50/ 1/2 bushel

             Cortland, Shizuka R Delicious 15.00/ bushel

             Mutsu, Golden Delicious

             Law Rome, Ida Red, Northern Spy, Fuji

Apples: Honeycrisp $12.00/ 8qt. basket

  23.00/ 1/2 bushel

  45.00/ bushel

Spaghetti or Acorn Squash $1.50 each

Pie Pumpkin   4.00/ 1/2 bushel

  8.00/ bushel

Potatoes $3.50/5lbs.



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