Wow is it White


My, was it white this morning! The temperature in our little pocket was down to 28.6°F. Everything had white hair. So it is with spring, Beautiful and lively one minute and deadly the next. That is, if you are a plant. It doesn’t help when those tending you are pushing to ever extend the season. To this point all 500+ flats of vegetables are still in houses for protection at night.

Today that may change. In fact, it has to. We are out of greenhouse space. So this morning we will pull plastic. Then the transplanting will start. Items like onions, beets, cabbage, and swiss chard can all take the cold nights we have been experiencing.

If there is enough time perhaps some tomato plants will be put in. We will place a low tunnel over them so that they continue to grow as rapidly as possible. The goal is tomatoes before the fourth of July. Off to the field we go.

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